Guest Policy

Guests will not be allowed access to the Club unless accompanied by a member. Members are responsible for ensuring that all of their guests are signed in and have paid the $5 guest fee (per guest) prior to entering the Club.

As you begin to plan your summer parties¬†and celebrations please remember to keep in mind the pool’s policy on the number of guests a member may bring in at one time. You may bring up to 10 guests at any one time. If you want to bring more than 10 guests, you must contact our Pool Manager for prior approval.

If you have a party of over twenty guests that you would like to schedule, please consider renting the pool. Large parties affect the staffing of the pool, budget, and the members’ ability to enjoy the facility. For those of you considering parties for end of season sports etc. the cost of rental is not too bad if you divide it between the families attending, in some cases cheaper than the traditional pizza party.

Guest Fees are as follows:
$5.00 per person (includes tax)
Punch cards – 10 visits for $45.00 (includes tax)